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Why buy on Artswel

Want to Try In Your Room ?

Want to see how artwork looks in your place before buying, Artswel allows it by advanced technology we offer , this option is available on product page , Take a photo of the place where you want to see this artwork.Upload it by clicking on the upload image button .after that save and move next you can explore how exactly our artwork looks in your place .

View In A Room with 55 Frames

Do you like to see artwork in different rooms ,Now you can explore our artworks on multiple rooms with huge 55 frames collections .

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What does the heart next to artworks do?

This symbol allows you to choose the artworks you love while you're on the site, so you can find them all on home page , category page and product page, To see this, click on the heart on the main menu. To make sure your favourites are saved and so that you can see them on another device, we recommend creating an account.

Can i compare artwork ?

Yes ,Now you can compare artworks side by side by choosing compare sign , it will show you artwork , description and Price . Need more help about making right decision please get in touch , we are happy to help you .

How do I buy art on Artswel

To buy an artwork, you have to click on the button "Add to cart" which is found on all artwork pages. You will then be redirected to your Cart. Once you have clicked 'Proceed Checkout', we will ask for your details to organise delivery, and then ask you to choose your method of payment (Google pay, card, Paypal ). Once the payment has been processed, you will receive confirmation from our payment processor, Stripe. We will then call you right away to confirm that your payment has been received.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

All credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express etc.), Paypal and Google pay .

What happens once the payment has been processed?

Once the payment has been processed, the artwork is reserved for you! We will call you right away to confirm its availability and delivery times (delivery takes approximately 7 days). We will arrange delivery to the address you provided.