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Subtle nuances of Mother Nature


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61.00 (cm)
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The beautiful world of nature has always fascinated me. I enjoy the company of trees, clouds, rivers and mountains. I take pleasure in the moods and colours of nature. But I am deeply disturbed by the adverse changes taking place in our environment - the green cover is diminishing at an alarming rate and the cities are expanding. Many species of plants and animals are becoming extinct due to deforestation. Also our lives have become hectic and no one has the time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Nature presents itself in a variety of forms and takes care of all the needs (except greed) of the entire mankind. Nature provides us with the all the essential resources like water, air, food etc. Each one of us is connected to and dependent on, nature. But we hardly take care of our mother nature. We did not create nature, yet we feel that we have the right to use it in whatever manner we like.
One day, sooner or later, we will regret for what we are doing. We cannot glue the ozone layer, we cannot paint the missing trees. We cannot buy new species of plants and animals, but we can look for ways to conserve and preserve nature. I have tried to capture the subtle nuances of Mother Nature in my paintings.

Oil on Canvas

"Artswel guarantees authenticity of artworks. All the artists on the platform have been expertise in art field from Emerging artists to Acclaimed Artists . Whatever the medium, the work is sent to the collectors with a certificate of authenticity. Photographs are numbered and signed from creators . Every customer can be given a copy of their certificate of authenticity with artwork ."
"The Artworks are packaged by a standardised packaging process. Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible to keep your art safe from damage during transit. Shipping usually takes up to 7 days."

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