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Hindu Deities


60.00 (cm)
76.00 (cm)

Accompanied by an Authentication Certificate

I have expressed this painting in my painting by seeing Hindu customs and their culture and their beauty. The Indian aesthetics is a philosophical and spiritual view of art in which a aesthetics is hidden in every partical His beauty makes our India country beauty even more in which many gods and goddesses are described as sculpture. 

Acrylic colour canvas

"Artswel guarantees authenticity of artworks. All the artists on the platform have been expertise in art field from Emerging artists to Acclaimed Artists . Whatever the medium, the work is sent to the collectors with a certificate of authenticity. Photographs are numbered and signed from creators . Every customer can be given a copy of their certificate of authenticity with artwork ."
"The Artworks are packaged by a standardised packaging process. Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible to keep your art safe from damage during transit. Shipping usually takes up to 7 days."

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