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MF Husain- The Unknown tale

MF Husain- The Unknown tale

Posted by Artswel on 18th Apr 2021

Did you know that Maqbool Fida Husain ” M F Husain ” had an unusual and great fascination for movies? He was such a crazy movie buff, who used to book the entire cinema hall to watch his favourite movie. Initially, he wanted to be a director and then eventually started his career by painting hoardings for films.

You are already getting curious, aren’t you?

Yes, there are many such facts that are less known about MF Husain. We bring to you some of such stories and facts in this blog which would equally fascinate you as for the Painter himself. Without much ado, let’s sneak peek straight into the life of this internationally recognised Indian artist.

MF Husain Upbringing and his interests.

Husain was a much-acclaimed artist and the best known Indian artist of the 20th century. He studied Calligraphy in his school and practiced the Kulfic Khat with its geometric forms. MF Husain didn’t want a degree and had a great tendency towards painting. Apart from his paintings, he was also known for his drawings and his work as a photographer, printmaker, and filmmaker.

His interests were weird with a sense of creativity and wholesomeness

MF Husian has a style based on Cubism, with a focus on irreverent subject matters and pushed the limits of domestic censorship in India, especially for the religious groups. He went on to become a critically acclaimed Indian painter. He is remembered for his brightly colored works depicting horses, urban landscapes, inspirations from Ramayan and Mahabharath and the world known, the Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit.

These were the words of the master himself.

                   “My first painting was sold for 10 Rupees and that is the best that I received till date”

m f husain

They say painters search for variety and this nature of their curiosity brings out the best possible invention from them. MF Husain Saab used to roam in the public just like any other person and anything that interested him, he used to landscape draw them on the spot. One evening he drew a picture of his own which portrayed a young man walking with his cycle. The painting was simple yet had loads of emotion in it. A stranger passing by was amused by this art piece and bought it for INR 10 in the year 1937. Husain Saab says that the joy and happiness of this amount are not matched to date.

MF Husain, the man who used to walk barefoot almost everywhere.

Where ever the place may be, local or international, MF Husain walked around without any footwear. Why so? He says walking barefoot was good to his knees and he could sit easily on the floor and paint for 4-5 hours continuously. With such strange and unusual practice he even visited Europe in the year 1953 where he met Picasso, Matisse and Paul Klee on barefoot.

He missed his mother badly and searched for her in his paintings.

That’s sweet and sour together. MF Husain lost his mother too early at the age of 2 years. He received no care from his father and was always in search of his mother’s love. He believed that painting was his attempt to fill the maternal absence. Most of his paintings resonated with his urge for care and love.

When Bollywood actress Amrita Rao gave MF Husain the concept to paint

No, I’m not kidding, it is true!

Vivah fame actress quotes; “it was a surreal experience for her to be painted by the legend himself. She was invited to Dubai with her mother by MF Husain who had a muse of painting her portrait. The venue was Madina Jumera, one of the best properties of Dubai and Husain Saab was absolutely out of concept on how to start the painting. Amrita Rao holds this experience close to heart and is happy about the concept given by her. The portrait concept is Husain drawing Amrita Rao in real.

The Painter had 127 complaints, 8 Cases filed in 8 different places in the country

Yes, he had raised unpleasant emotions and there was a huge outrage of hatred and people wanted MF Husain arrested and his works to be destroyed. He had abused Hindu deities in his paintings in an inappropriate manner which was not well accepted . It is said that his house was attacked and few of his paintings were destroyed, but being an atheist he continued his drawings. Interestingly there was no legal case and the court rejected the plea and didn’t even prosecute him.

The Padmabhushan, Padmavibhushan awardee’s last wish remained unfulfilled.

Husain had to leave India following the assault on his house and his paintings. He was in exile after receiving death threats, lawsuits from the Hindu fundamentalists. In his last years, he was shuffling between Qatar and London. He had a desire to visit India one last time, sit in a tea shop, and then exit. However, his last wish remained unfulfilled before he died in 2011 at the age of 95.