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    Binit Agarwal


    Taj Mahal has been one of the marvelous testimony of Love ever built by an Emperor for his beloved. This Artwork takes a different perspective of this monument soaked in the serenity of moonlight and view across the river which has seen the ravages of...
  • kerala-Oil on Canvas painting- Buy art- Artswel online art gallery
    Binit Agarwal


    The calmness of the tranquil pond with water lilies and boat and far behind coconut trees gives as perfect backdrop of beauty of Kerala in this artwork OIL ON CANVAS
  • Tattered Woman-Oil on Canvas painting- Buy art- Artswel art gallery
    Vivek Vadkar

    Tattered Woman

    Family's tailoring profession... cloth strips spread everywhere all the time... cloth strips of different colors and shapes. Everytime I looked at them a different figure used to emerge to me.. this time it was of a lady! Women are natural bonders. The...
  • Nirja- She is just so pure- painting -artswel art gallery
    Vivek Vadkar


    Lotuses are born in water and spend their lives floating on the water So close but still so distant. She is just so pure like the lotus and so clean like the water... Oil on Canvas
  • Smearing of colors- Rajasthani ladies painting- artswel art gallery
    Vivek Vadkar

    Smearing of colors

    These Rajasthani ladies preserve the colors and uniqueness of their lives even in simplicity. they smear our lives with their beautiful shades of colors along with theirs Oil on Canvas


    SPRING Oil on canvas board    
  • Tones of music

    Tones of music

    Tones of music Oil on canvas.    


    TAPAN Oil on canvas      
  • Steps of Alwar

    Steps of Alwar

    Steps of Alwar. Oil on Canvas    
  • Still life Still life
    Shweta Patel

    Still life

    Still lifeThere is also life in Still life.They wants to something to us .They have their feelings and life too. Oil on canvas
  • Identity Identity
    Shweta Patel


    IdentitySometimes I felt like everything has stopped at one place. Whatever is there has stayed on. As the time is over now. It was time to tell us something to Identity ourselves. How long will you be afraid of your own shadow, it will always be with...
  • Hope Hope
    Shweta Patel


    HopeWe move forward with hope jn our life. We get frustrated due to the ups and downs in our life. But we do not get discouraged but continue to grow with hope. Like- the sun comes with a new ray every day. Oil on canvas
  • Kitchen window
    Prithvi Kumar

    Kitchen window

    Kitchen windowthere’s nothing better than to aromatic dish cooked  Oil on canvas
  • Kitchen
    Prithvi Kumar


    Kitchen Tapri Kitchenthe cutting chai kitchen , had piping hot, just enough quantity to invigorate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed. And with the rainy season on, there’s nothing better than to find a neighbourhood chaiwala with his...
  • Workers Risk
    Prithvi Kumar

    Workers Risk

    Workers Risk there would be construction work going on near my studio . So i noticed that when working hours over of workers , workers with different risk preferences with firms ,when isee there faces i can feel the exhaustion and relaxation at the same...
  • Sai baba
    Buvana Viswananthan

    Sai baba

    Sai baba A commissioned work of Shirdi Sai Baba sitting in an unusual pose with Neem leaves in his hand at Dwarakamayi. This is how the client wanted the portrait. Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible to keep your art safe from damage during...
  • Harbour
    Buvana Viswananthan


    Harbour "The Seven Seas" , the ancient phrase for all the world oceans; oceasns that lure us to sail it, ride the waves,swim in it.An decpiction of a sunny day at the ocean side to sail the seas. Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible to keep your...
  • Summer Blossom love
    Swapna Malwade

    Summer Blossom love

    Summer Blossom made for each other Shipped Rolled unless rolling not possible to keep your art safe from damage during transit Oil on canvas 
  • Thakar
    Swapna Malwade


    Thakar is an Adiwasi tribe of Maharashtra, India. This tribe was originally living in hilly areas of Maharashtra but now is scattered all over Maharashtra,India due to shrinking forests. This tribe exists for 8 – 10 centuries now and it a rich and...
  • Girl child
    Swapna Malwade

    Girl child

    Girl child In this artwork, Sribhun is the subject of murder and I have taken care to portray it in a positive way. Especially well-educated and illiterate people, even today in most of the society, we have seen women protesting against women saying that...