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Abstract art uses visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

  • Nirja- She is just so pure- painting -artswel art gallery
    Vivek Vadkar


    Lotuses are born in water and spend their lives floating on the water So close but still so distant. She is just so pure like the lotus and so clean like the water... Oil on Canvas
  • Mermaids and under water - MIX MEDIA PAINTING- ARTSWEL
    Dhruva Parab

    Water girl

    Mermaids and under water  mixmedia on canvas
  • Inspirational no other than motherhood -artswel art gallery
    Dhruva Parab

    Mother's Love 01

    mother's love - Inspirational no other than motherhood  acrylic on canvas 
  • Blue Lake
    Gangu Gouda

    Blue Lake

    Blue Lake Acrylic
  • Untitled 7
    Namit Kadia

    Untitled 7

    Untitled 7Medium: Water colour on Paper
  • Untitled 6
    Namit Kadia

    Untitled 6

    Untitled 6Medium: Water colour on Paper
  • Untitled 5
    Namit Kadia

    Untitled 5

    Untitled 5Medium: Water colour on Paper
  • Untitled 4
    Namit Kadia

    Untitled 4

    Untitled 4Medium: Water colour on Paper